We are building an open ecosystem for resilience and sustainablility:

Towards the optimization of circular economy and transparency of supply chains.

Supply chains, energy, pandemics? The Green Deal Dataspace, GDDS for short, supports risk & crisis management solutions and offers a platform to build your own projects and services in addition to these examples.

Supply chains or "just" in time at the end?

Services and Use Cases

Avoiding bottlenecks with foresight

Efficient CO2 data networking

Closing data gaps more quickly

Supply-Chain-Quick-Check – web-based and uncomplicated

360° digital risk management

Supporting critical infrastructure with AI

for the Analysis of Crisis Proofness.

Research & Development Projects

Latest news

Green Deal Dataspace e. V. founded

On September 13, seven companies / organizations came together in Düsseldorf to found the Green Deal Dataspace e. V.. The association creates IDSA-based and GAIA-X-compliant…

Resilience in the context of Industry 4.0 Publication

The now published white paper "Resilience in the context of Industry 4.0" offers a detailed presentation of the topic and its classification in the aforementioned context. It shows in detail how companies can withstand external influences and thus strengthen their competitiveness.

Supply Chain Webinar 

Supply chains or “just” in time at the end? Supply chain bottlenecks are currently causing the biggest problems in business and commerce? Whereas “just in time” used to apply in the past, today satisfaction is already achieved when urgently needed goods even reach the unloading ramp at all.

Frequently asked questions

A data space is defined as a decentralized infrastructure for the trusted sharing and exchange of data in data ecosystems based on commonly agreed principles. The concept of data spaces is already explicitly used as a solution approach in the European Union’s data strategy. This is not a single centralised solution, but rather individual dataspaces are planned for different domains. 

The GDDS initiative is the first cross-domain data space for projects and services related to resilience and sustainability. 

The GDDS is a data-based approach to the digital architecture of an information integration to provide decentralized information in a protected virtual space. 

The GDDS already contains initial results and use cases from ongoing research and projects that are available to potential participants. Interested companies and organisations will benefit even more if they provide their own data and/or findings and thus help the GDDS to become increasingly relevant. In this way, a win-win situation can be created for all participants in order to be able to constantly meet the objective of resilience and sustainability with an up-to-date background.  

The GDDS is an open ecosystem. Companies and organizations that are willing and able to enrich the data space beyond the use of the offered services are cordially invited. Thus, data and algorithm providers, service providers as well as service users are target groups of the initiative. 

The handling, but above all the sharing of sensitive data represents a security risk that many companies shy away from. The rapidly advancing digital transformation therefore needs system solutions that guarantee data sovereignty and data governance in order to allow the possibilities of opening up technical and economic advantages. The Advaneo Trusted Data Hub (TDH) is a multi-party computing (MPC) solution that ensures data sovereignty and security. 

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ADVANEO, as operator of the GDDS, is part of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA). The IDSA is an initiative with the goal of creating a trustworthy architecture for a data economy based on common and federal European values through joint research by science and industry. The data marketplace is one of the first data portals worldwide based on the IDS reference architecture 

The concept for Gaia-X is to network services from different companies into a “homogeneous, user-friendly system”. The project is to develop the connecting elements: technical standards, interfaces for data sharing, an identity management, billing system as well as a user interface 

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