Use Cases and Services

Supporting critical infrastructure with AI

The problem

Increased energy demand in disaster situations, planning of replacement of regular infrastructures in case of maintenance work or the support of existing regulations for critical infrastructures by AI, these are targets for the development of the PAIRS platform. Specifically, it is about the ability to forecast disruptions before all the lights go out. 


The solution

To this end, existing and currently detected fault data from network operators are linked with other external data (weather, traffic, natural disaster monitoring, etc.) in order to be able to predict new faults. This gives operators a comprehensive overview and enables them to manage crises dynamically. 

The findings and recommendations from the service running on the PAIRS platform are also ideally suited for use in other crisis scenarios, e.g. in hospitals or supply chains, in order to be able to prepare for emergencies on time. 

Services and Use Cases

Avoiding bottlenecks with foresight

Efficient CO2 data networking

Closing data gaps more quickly

Supply-Chain-Quick-Check – web-based and uncomplicated

360° digital risk management

Supporting critical infrastructure with AI

for the Analysis of Crisis Proofness.