Use Cases and Services

Supply Chain Radar - Navigate around bottlenecks with foresight.

The collapse of supply chains has now reached global proportions. Whether it’s chips or semiconductors, flour or oil, there are shortages everywhere that require decisive countermeasures. 

Behind a final supply chain from the supplier to the buyer are numerous other supply chains. This means that if just one of these chains collapses, the entire process comes to a standstill. The resulting sensitivity extends from the mining of raw materials to the procurement of materials and includes all logistical uncertainties (closure of ports, lack of transport options due to staff shortages, etc.). Last but not least, social and ethical aspects, e.g. child labour in the recycling of electronic waste or working conditions in the mining of raw materials, also play a role and must be taken into account in accordance with the Supply Chain Act. 

As part of the research project PAIRS , an AI-supported solution “Supply Chain Radar” is being developed with which companies can detect external crisis events within their value network earlier and manage them more effectively. 

Services and Use Cases

Avoiding bottlenecks with foresight

Efficient CO2 data networking

Closing data gaps more quickly

Supply-Chain-Quick-Check – web-based and uncomplicated

360° digital risk management

Supporting critical infrastructure with AI

for the Analysis of Crisis Proofness.