Research and development project

CoyPu: Cognitive Economy Intelligence Platform for resilience of economic ecosystems

Project details

In an increasingly networked corporate world, the company-specific variables that are relevant from the perspective of crisis management have very complex relationships and dynamic interactions with a wide range of external factors (e.g., location, customers, competition, suppliers, personnel market, legal and social framework). These external interactions in turn give rise to far-reaching internal (domino) effects and interdependencies across all areas of the company (operational, financial, strategic). Neither internal company expertise nor personal or local consultant knowledge is therefore sufficient to generate valid, economically usable insights or to derive concrete crisis-related corporate measures.

The CoyPu project addresses the complex economic challenges in crisis situations with an intelligent platform for the integration, structuring, networking, analysis and evaluation of heterogeneous data from economic value networks as well as the industry environment and social context. Based on cognitive modeling of data within a promoted system of networked knowledge graphs and flexibly configurable AI analysis tools, the CoyPu platform enables high-quality and up-to-the-minute insights into economic facts, trends, impact relationships and forecasts. The crisis-relevant questions that can be answered in this way can concern individual value networks or concrete value chains, focus on different regions, industries or company sizes, or be located at the overall economic level.

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