Data Spaces Dialogue
Green Deal Dataspace – data sharing for resilient and sustainable business growth

The frequency of global crises has increased, and reasons for interrupted supply chains are many. Data sharing is key for dampening effects of such crisis and needs to be more sustainable and resilient.

The Green Deal Dataspace enables transparency in supply chains by identifying crises and their effects. However, finding and using data in a sovereign way remains a core challenge: How do supply chain participants find services to become more resilient, but also ensure data privacy and data sovereignty at the same time? How do the creators of such services find initial partners to build supply chain networks?

As a unified system, the Green Deal Dataspace enables offering, finding and accessing relevant data sources and services related to resilience and sustainability.

And the IDS standard, its architecture, and connectors are core technologies enabling sovereign data sharing in the Green Deal Dataspace.

Companies and organizations as Green Deal Dataspace users benefit from this approach. With its infrastructure, users are either able to apply implemented services or to develop new services supporting users in order to gain new insights and knowledge. In the Data Spaces Dialogue, the creators of the Green Deal Dataspace will introduce its concept and explain how users benefit – and explain why it is also worthwhile for other companies and organizations to participate.