Data Marketplace

The digital marketplace of the dataspace

One of the central building blocks of the GDDS is the data marketplace, DMP . It enables the development of data-driven innovations, new business models and data sharing. At the same time, it offers participants access to an extensive compilation of over 2 million open data sets.


The DMP manages regulated access to all data assets in the ecosystem so that sovereign data sharing can take place. The DMP serves as a data catalog for the metadata made available by the provider. It also acts as a secure trading portal and provides data processing and management capabilities. Users search the DMP for data relevant to them via the metadata. After selecting the offer and agreeing on its use or on its price, they receive the raw data directly from the provider. 

How it works

Data Provider

The data provider offers data sets from its inventory on the data marketplace. These data sets are represented on the marketplace by metadata selected by the data provider. (The raw data remains with the data provider!). 


Data Marketplace

The data marketplace serves as a data catalog for the metadata provided by the data provider. It also acts as a secure trading portal and provides data processing and management functions. 

Data Consumer

The data consumer (data user) searches for relevant data on the data marketplace via the metadata entries. After selecting the offer, he receives the raw data directly “peer to peer” from the data provider’s data source. 


Highlights in the Data Marketplace

Open Innovation: Datathons

“Datathon” refers to a mostly digital competition with the goal of efficiently solving a data-related IT problem. The name is a specialization of the term “hackathon”. 

A Datathon encourages the development of new and promising ideas in a challenging way. This is particularly well suited as a basis for open innovation or new business opportunities. 

The GDDS module in the Data Marketplace makes it easy to create, market and run such competitions in an organised system to generate further value from your own data. 

AI Workbench

The AI Workbench of the Data Marketplace is a collection of common tools for data processing. Currently, the workbench includes a Jupyter notebook, which is operated in the cloud by Advaneo. 

Each user is provided with an individual workbench to the data can easily be integrated directly from the marketplace or even from external sources. Common data science libraries are already pre-installed. This list can also be extended dynamically depending on requirements. 

Secure data sharing rooms in Closed User Groups (CUGs)

A “Closed User Group” is a group of users who have exclusive access to certain data through their membership. As a rule, this data cannot be found publicly on the marketplace and may be particularly sensitive. 

This makes it easy to create your own spaces for data sharing use cases according to our standards for data sovereignty, governance and privacy.

Did we spark your interest?

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