Research and Development Project

Data-based Communal Resilience Assessment for the Analysis of Crisis Proofness.

As part of the HERAKLION project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), a Data Space is being developed to analyse the resilience of communities using multi-layered heterogeneous data sources.  


Currently, different dangerous situations, such as the corona pandemic or extreme weather events, lead to crises and disasters. The consequences have become significantly more complex for a highly engineered and globally interacting society, include potential cascading effects, and require an assessment and increase in community resilience. Resilient information provides a significant contribution to those who must make or contribute to decisions in case of a crisis. However, the availability as well as the structuring of different data is also subject to increasing complexity.


With help of the Data Space concept, an innovative methodology is being developed in the BMBF project HERAKLION to enable an assessment of the resilience of communities. Various data sources of each community are digitally merged, and statistical or heuristic methods provide an understanding of cause and effect as well as the effectiveness of mitigation measures. In this way, resilience is analysed quantitatively and enables analysis before, during, and after the occurrence of a crisis or disaster. The methodology assesses individual resilience phases such as preparation, prevention, protection, response speed, and recovery. A dashboard summarizes the results and provides decision support for community crisis response teams.

Together with ten associated urban and rural communities, the project will explore the following fundamental questions:

How can a methodology be developed to measure and increase the resilience of a community?

How can a data-based process be established to support decision-making in case of a crisis?


The Data Space Demonstrator deals with the Use Cases Pandemic and Extreme Weather to show where potential vulnerabilities exist in a community and how crisis proofness can be sustainably increased with quantitative resilience analyses. With the help of various performances, the behavior of a community under the occurrence of disruptions will be analysed.

As part of the HERAKLION project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), a data space is being developed to use multi-layered heterogeneous data sources to characterize the resilience of communities.

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