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PAIRS for dynamic crisis management

In order to effectively support crisis management through AI, it is important that the applications to be developed are able to predict the development of crisis situations and also anticipate the simultaneous reactions of the various players (government, companies, etc.). Dynamic crisis management is only possible if the reactions to an initial crisis event are taken into account in specific scenarios. The amount of data required by the AI application to forecast such highly complex scenarios is correspondingly high.  

The lack of data that often occurs in a big data scenario must be overcome and the existing data must be continuously kept up to date, while data protection and data sovereignty must be guaranteed at all times.  

PAIRS solves these challenges through a platform architecture with federated services that can access a wealth of relevant data and enable economic and political actors to collaboratively anticipate the mutual influences of individual measures and incorporate them into their own decisions. The ability to share data confidentially plays an important role here, if necessary also in compliance with data protection regulations. 

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