About the Green Deal Dataspace (GDDS)

A federated ecosystem for resilience and sustainability

The next crisis is bound to come. But instead of building a horror scenario, the crisis can also be seen as an opportunity. Not to make everything better afterwards, but rather to build robust resilience and sustainability. The newly created Green Deal Dataspace, or GDDS, is focused precisely on this goal. The GDDS provides access to projects and services that can be subsumed under this topic. And this goes far beyond previous dataspace offerings. 

The GDDS, curated by ADVANEO and designed as an open ecosystem, is a first-of-its-kind cross-domain dataspace for projects and services, offering participants the opportunity to offer their own solutions or search and find resources for their own projects. Interested parties are cordially invited to participate.  

The future lies in secure data sharing

In a networked world, data is not only of great importance because it enables processes and is an indispensable driver of the economy.  They have their own and increasing value that goes far beyond controlling processes. The future lies in the secure sharing of data, which ranges from monetization to the promotion of innovations and the development of new business models. This requires appropriate infrastructures and protected “harbors” or more precisely dataspaces where data sharing with two or more parties can take place. 

Trusted use in data ecosystems

A data space is defined as a decentralized infrastructure for the trusted sharing and exchange of data in data ecosystems based on commonly agreed principles. The concept of data spaces is already explicitly used as an approach in the European Union’s data strategy.  

In addition to the aforementioned reuse of existing data, participation and data sharing serve the purpose of ensuring the long-term sustainability of companies/organisations.  

In order to achieve this goal, the Resilience & Sustainability Dataspace was created, which specifically offers projects and services dedicated to this topic.